Why I use podia and why you should too

podia review

You can pretty much do anything with Podia to easily create and run a successful online business.

That’s why I use Podia and why you should too

If you are like me, a coach who wants to make a living online while helping others by teaching what you love and know but, want a simple solution that has a small learning curve but gives you a professional edge in no time, you have to go with Podia.

I know how things work but I’m no techie. I needed a solution that allowed me more time to concentrate on creating awesome courses, digital downloads, and membership platforms for my members, and less time spent on the techie side of trying to put it all together, podia allows me to do just that.

My courses and membership are designed to help busy women be fitter, slimmer, less stressed, and more confident. If it’s hard and time-consuming for them to use and understand, it wouldn’t work. Podia makes it a synch on any device.

From an end-users point of view (arguably the most important) it is easy to join a membership, purchase a course, download a freebie, interact with you and learn from you. It is also pretty dam good-looking. Take a look at my course page to see what I mean.

Did I look at other platforms as well, like Teachable, Learndash, Thinkific plus the rest? Yep, but none ticked all the boxes I was looking for.

I made a choice based on what they do, how much they cost, free trials, reading reviews and hanging out in forums and FB groups, support speed and helpfulness, transaction fees, usability for me and my members, aesthetics, course delivery options, membership options, email capabilities, affiliate and referral capabilities built-in, researching the companies themselves, available integrations and the list went on.

I picked Podia and I’m glad I did!

podia review

Why I use podia continued…

It is amongst the best platforms out there that does everything for you, and all the money I earn goes straight to my bank instantly. There are no transaction fees, just a very reasonable monthly payment.

No moving parts you need to learn first then figure out how to link them together without breaking anything! My business used to be like this…

WordPress, WLM membership plugin, email autoresponders, AS3 to store my course files, Wistia to store my course videos, plus payment gateway setups. Then there was the headache of making sure they all talk to each other or hiring a developer to do it for me. The costs all mounted up, and everything was paid separately so it needed constant monitoring.

Now it’s just my WordPress site and Podia.  Nothing else. One place, one payment. My Accountant loves me.

Now I just drag and drop all my files – videos, audios, PDFs, images, text files, anything, straight into my courses. Any size files. No more having to store them elsewhere, or having limited storage space.

I have a beautiful, easy-to-use checkout simply by putting in my Stripe and Paypal details.

All my members can easily refer a friend and get an instant commission, easily controlled by me in my admin panel. It’s a simple copy and paste approach for them to earn extra cash and a fantastic sales force for me. How do I pay them? I click a button.

The support is outstanding and always on tap with instant chat. They listen to suggestions and actually implement them. Any problem, they will help sort it out in no time. A must, if you are like me, working alone with no team behind you.

I discovered the easiest way to turn my passion into income. Now it’s your turn…

Checkout all the cool features here

Take a good look around Podia, it says it all. Attend a Free live demo and Q&A webinar from your living room just like I did, then, have a Free trial as I did. No risk, massive potential.

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