What is the best and cheapest home exercise equipment

the best home exercise equipment paul knight coaching

There is only one piece of equipment I always recommend when asked. Not only is it the best and cheapest home exercise equipment out there, but probably the only one you will ever need! I use it, my clients use it, it tones every part of your body and fits into your undies draw, pocket, or bag. 

So what is the best and cheapest home exercise equipment?

Drum roll, please. The simple exercise band. It is the most underrated and versatile piece of home exercise equipment ever invented. Now there are many different types, like loop bands or bands with handles for example. I’m talking about a band. 

Other coaches may disagree, but my best personal results for great muscle tone and fitness, and those of my clients, come from the simple band. Here’s why.

best and cheapest home exercise equipment paul knight coaching

7 quick reasons why this the best exercise equipment

  1. You can work every muscle and get a total body tone up with just one band. A limitless number of uses, not just one or a few!
  2. Resistance can be easily tailored to suit different body parts or fitness levels. Yes they do come in different strengths and you do need one that can overload your muscles and make them work harder than normal, but, any level band can be used in different ways to do this, without having to go buy a stronger one.
  3. It is as effective as the normal forms of weight training, if not better.
  4. It is very portable. Where you go, it can too (try that with dumbbells!!)
  5. You can very easily store it. Just screw it up and put it in a draw.
  6. On the flip side of that, it can be noticed without being in the way. A trigger is a must for adherence. Mine hangs on the lounge and bedroom door handles. The more I see it, the more I use it.
  7. You can get them delivered through your letterbox from many places these days without spending a fortune. Search pilates/yoga bands, resistance bands, physio bands on eBay or Amazon for example. You can get them in most shops like Argos and TKMAX too. Here’s an example of what you are looking for, but just remember, a band is a band. If it has a fancy logo it will probably be more expensive.

the best home exercise equipment paul knight coaching

It’s the cheapest way to firmness! 

How to use your band

This simple routine illustrates how you can tone and shape your whole body in about 10 minutes with your new band.

The best home exercise equipment and how to use it paul knight coaching

If you have a band and want to know how to use it correctly, feel free to get in touch. I can show you the basics in less than half an hour!


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