Exercise motivation – why you don’t have it and how you can get it (the easy way)

motivation to exercise

Exercise motivation can be a struggle sometimes. It largely depends on what your reasons to exercise are and what you think exercise actually is. Get these two things right and you will easily understand why you don’t have it and how you can get it, making being fit and healthy a breeze!

So why you don’t have it? 

Modern lifestyles have made things too easy; remote controls, smartphones, cars, take outs, deliveries and online shopping to name but a few have, in one way or another, stifled your will to move your butt. You know your butt is designed to move but you know you spend an awful lot of time just sitting on it! 

This lack of natural movement affects your mood and mental state as well as provide you with poor posture, a lack of basic physical fitness, possible weight gain and unfortunately, can lead to avoidable illness. A vicious downward spiral if not addressed. This in itself is a good enough reason to exercise more. Everyone has there own reasons, just make them attainable and not just superficial. But this simple lack of movement in your life creates a disconnect and unfamiliarity with exercise. So what do you do? Make excuses, or as you say, give reasons for not even trying!

“Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.” Edward Stanley

Why you don’t exercise

  • I don’t like it – You just haven’t found the right thing yet.
  • I have no time – Yes you do if you do it this way 
  • It’s confusing, I don’t know what to do – I’m going to show you
  • Can’t afford it – It actually cost nothing (or little given the rewards)
  • I don’t want to feel stupid or inadequate – Usain bolt started somewhere
  • I’m too fat – Try this
  • I’m too old – everything can be modified

“I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took an excuse” – Florence Nightingale

What is exercise anyway?

You will probably say it’s going to a gym, joining a class, or hitting the streets for a jog. Yes, these are options but understand this;

To be fitter than you are now, you just move more than you do now! Fitness is a simple thing when you uncomplicated it Read this if you want to understand that statement.

In a nutshell – you have too many excuses not to exercise, don’t undersatnd what exercise really is and don’t have a strong enough reason to exercise.

Motivation to exercise is not something you can buy off the internet like everything else. It is created by you, for you. But how do you do that?

How you get it (the easy way)

To move more, you simply create a new habit of movement. To create a new habit, just add it to existing behaviours. Decide that exercise is just moving in a way that creates the desired result, the easiest way possible. Motivation then becomes organic! Oh, and remember my motto…

But how do I do this you say?

This blog post will show you some cool examples. This one is all about starting an exercise regime the right way, take a look.

If you need some advice get in touch, I would love to help:)

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