Eco-friendly fitness a growing trend

eco-friendly fitness paul knight coaching

The way we have been programmed to do exercise over the last 30 years is now contributing massively to the planet warming conundrum we are all facing today. Luckily, Eco-friendly fitness is a growing trend that we should all take note of.

The fitness industry is HUGE, and is growing every year, fact. It has fallen under the eco radar. In fact, it hasn’t really been on it until now.

Gyms and fitness facilities have a huge environmental impact on the planet. Think about it, rows and rows of cardio machines plugged in to the grid with the lights and air-con on all day (sometimes 24 hours a day). Vending machines full of single use plastic containing so called must have energy drinks, and full of people wearing fast fashion activewear which lands up in landfill when it either falls to pieces, or gets dumped when you realise you don’t like the gym anyway!


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How to incorporate Eco-friendly fitness in to your life

  1. Outdoor exercise is an underestimated but highly effective eco-friendly fitness alternative. An organised park workout, an outdoor gym, jogging, walking are all great eco friendly alternatives. You could even combine the workout with picking up litter by plogging. Surround yourself with the colour green and discover the mental benefits that come with it.
  2. Home exercise has a bad rep, but it is a fantastic way to get and keep fit. In my opinion it is far better than trying to go to a gym on a regular basis. Both these options are not only eco friendly but will save you a heap of money too!
  3. Google ‘eco friendly exercise equipment’ and ‘sustainable active gym wear’ and you will be pleasantly surprised how many new and evolving companies there are out there for you to spend your money with. Just so you know though, you don’t need any special equipment and you can exercise in anything!
  4. Participate in green, planet friendly charity events, and help raise money and awareness while doing your training.
  5. If non of these gym alternatives work for you, just be mindful of everything you do during the day and make everyday life more active. If you still want to do the gym thing, choose one that is doing their bit for the planet and walk or bike there. Maybe combine a bit of everything discussed here.

How and where you exercise, what you wear to exercise, and what you eat and drink to stay healthy, are all simple to tweak if you think about it differently and act upon it. The planet is depending on you!

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