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Fitness walking routine for weight loss and firmer muscles

This simple fitness walking routine will help you lose weight and tone your muscles. You will not need any equipment except what the local council and Mother Nature has provided for you, free of charge! A fitness walking routine for weight loss using lampposts and muscle toning using a park bench. It incorporates ‘Fartlek’ and […]

Why I use podia and why you should too

You can pretty much do anything with Podia to easily create and run a successful online business. That’s why I use Podia and why you should too If you are like me, a coach who wants to make a living online while helping others by teaching what you love and know but, want a simple solution […]

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15 minute walking challenge

THE 15-MINUTE WALKING CHALLENGE, YOU CAN DO THAT RIGHT? Why do I ask you to focus on walking in the first place? You do it already, it’s easy to do, you don’t need special equipment to do it. You can do it anywhere, at any time and, if you don’t want people to look at […]