A little bit about me.

The story so far…

In my lifetime, I have seen ALL the ‘trends’ come and go. I have seen the ‘wellness’ industry grow into a giant, and I mean both the diet and fitness industries combined and more recently, the self-help business. You would have thought that with all this at our fingertips, we would be the fittest and slimmest and most positive generation in human history. But we are not!

Throughout the years, I have seen people grow fatter, less content with life, and alarmingly, it is starting from a much earlier age these days too. So what the f**k is going on?

Modern life does not suit us it’s that simple. It’s busy, confusing, stressful and complicated. So many moving parts. Our mental and physical selves are being damaged. Unfortunately, modern life has also determined how we are to cope with that. We are encouraged to go to a gym, a class or go on a diet, seek medication or counselling.

My hands are up. I have owned my own gym, managed big leisure and fitness facilities around the world. Coached for over 35 years, had personal training clients from pensioners to pop stars. I know how the industry works. I know what actually gets you results and, more importantly, what doesn’t.

Then I started my own revolution!! I became an advocate for home fitness.

“I began helping busy people live a happier lifestyle with smart, five minute habits and easily combining them with looking after the kids, the home, work and a social life! No gyms, no diets, just better habits.”

I’m a Fitness and life coach, and Author with a different approach that actually works because you will easily stick to it, no matter how busy your life has become!