About me. Fitness and lifestyle coach .

with a passion for a healthy planet as well as a healthy mind and body

Hello I’m Paul knight, and I’m guilty of believing everything I was told about life, fitness and the health of our planet. We all got sucked in, but it’s not our fault.

The world is run by power, money and greed sold to us as convenience, essential or innovation. Over the years governments, individuals, and companies alike, force fed us how we are to live and think. It’s now called modern life!

These so called better lifestyle changes have to be powered by something and made from something, and when we have had enough of them or when something better comes along, they have to be disposed of somewhere, somehow. That is damaging the planet we live on.

Modern life is busy, confusing, stressful and complicated. So many moving parts. Our mental and physical selves are being damaged too. Unfortunately, modern life has also determined how we are to cope with that. We are encouraged to go to a gym, a class or go on a diet, seek medication or counselling.

We are tempted to buy a chopped up apple in a plastic bag when we could just buy an apple and cut it ourselves. That might seem a silly example of modern life but it is a fact, and if we carry on being blindly led like that, everything will go down the pan!

What can we do?

Thankfully, people are waking up to the fact that life doesn’t have to be that way, and the choices we make are ours, not some big corporation with a trendy marketing division. There are many groups and organisations bringing new light and awareness to these issues and, as a collective, they are beginning to have some impact.

The biggest impact though, needs to come from you as an individual and the things you do on a day to day basis.

The way you move around, the things you eat, the clothes you wear, right up to the people you put in government. This website is my take on things. Use the thoughts and ideas here to improve your own life as best you can, and at the same time, help save the earth from dying and taking all of us with it.

Some things will resonate some things won’t, it is not meant to be the answer.