3 simple steps to weight loss with Mindful slimming

3 simple steps to weight loss with Mindful slimming paul knight coaching

This article focuses on 3 steps to weight loss with mindful slimming techniques. Mindful slimming and weight loss start in the mind, followed by the choices made and the consequent actions you take. This is a quick simple guide with actionable steps you can do today and every day.

Can mindfulness help me lose weight?

That’s the question you are asking right now, the simple answer is yes! I’m not talking here about foods and diets, there is so much conflicting information out there (some of it is ok, most is tosh!). This is about the choices you make, and how to make better ones that will produce the results you want. Actions that are easy and sustainable with a bit of focus. Note I said focus and not willpower. You already know what is fattening and what is not, the problem is, when you rush through your day, the things you put in your mouth tend to be the easiest to get your hands on, regardless of what it is doing to you. By that, I include not just your body, but your mood too.

A happy slimmer is a successful slimmer!

3 simple steps to weight loss with mindful slimming


3 simple steps to weight loss with mindful slimming paul knight coachingWhatever you put into your mind you will search for. 

You see an advert on TV, or in a magazine or you see one of your friends eating or cooking something and it sticks in your mind, so the next time you go shopping the subconscious decision to purchase is made before you leave your house. You are influenced by what you see, feel and touch on a day-to-day basis. Supermarkets are laid out in a certain way for a reason. Items are placed in certain places for a reason. Adverts provoke a reaction, a feeling, and an urge to buy.

Think of a green car! Start to notice green cars every time you are out. Say green car whenever you see one. See what happens and remember this article when you see a green car. Let’s put that into practice with food.


Mindful slimming preparation

Choose 3 things you want to include in your supermarket shopping this week. Healthy choices you know will not put weight on. Choose one from each of these, proteins, fruit, and veggies.

Write each one on a post-it note with a smiley face next to the word and put them all over the house. Anywhere you will see them. On the fridge, on or inside the cupboards, where ever you choose. Just notice them and smile. Remember your mind will look for what you ask it to.

Mindful shopping

Before you go to the store, make a list. Pop your post-it notes on the list. Notice them in the store, go straight to them, and put them in your trolley. Only come out with what you went in for. When you get home to unpack, notice them, and smile. Know where you have put them. Notice them whenever you open the fridge or cupboard. Choose them when you cook.

Next week, choose them again but add 3 more! Simple.

Mindful eating

Put them on your plate. Notice them. Eat them slowly, feeling the texture as you do so. The taste and the feeling of knowing it is nutrition and not crap. Smile.

This is the first step to mindful slimming at its most simple level.

If you are interested in learning more take the course.  Taking the simple steps mentioned here to another level but also includes mindful cooking and how to stop snacking.

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