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    I will teach you how to be fitter, slimmer and happier without going on a diet, hitting the gym or changing your day!


Hello, I’m Paul Knight

Home fitness and lifestyle coaching specialist

Do you want to create a stress free life in a body you like the easiest way possible BUT think you lack time, motivation and commitment and have probably tried everything but got nowhere? You are in the right place.

“Introducing my brand new home fitness and lifestyle plans of easy to do, step by step, 5-minute tactics, which will enable you to break free from the shackles of an ordinary life of mindless dieting and pointless visits to the gym, or never feeling like you are in control of your own life and everything that goes with it!”

And easily fit it into your busy day.


“I combine elements of NLP and behavioural change, fitness coaching, easy weight loss and mindfulness techniques and the occasional bit of practical woo woo, all drawn from my 35 years of teaching.”

“Simple habit-forming practices for a different way of living, eating, moving and thinking which are both sustainable and life-changing.”

A uniquely easy to do approach to life that will leave you wishing you had found it years ago. I invite you to spend just 5 minutes to take a look at my home fitness and lifestyle coaching courses. It’s 5 minutes that could change the rest of your life!

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Get the book.

It’s different It works. Available in paperback and kindle

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