• Home and outdoor Fitness Coaching.

    “Hello, Paul here. I’m a fitness coach and I haven’t worked out in a gym or been to a class in years. I don’t like them or need them to be happy, fit, and in good shape. Guess what? You don’t need them either!”

    Workout with me

Did you know that your home is a gym? Everything outside your door is also a gym. All you need to do is learn how to use them and then you will have free fitness forever! I will show you how to get fit and firm up your wobbly bits with my simple home and outdoor fitness coaching.

Here are 2 simple routines

Do them whenever you have a spare 20 minutes, tone your body and burn off calories using the things you already have access to. 

Outdoor fitness

The biggest gym in the world is freely provided by mother nature and the local parks and highways department. Children’s play areas, park benches, open spaces, steps and hills, lampposts, and trees can all be used as exercise equipment. Not only is it free when you know how to use it but surrounding yourself with fresh air and green is better for your mental health too. Here’s another outdoor workout.

Home fitness

Your home has everything too, and if you have a garden you get the best of both! Plus don’t forget about the most useful and portable fitness training aid ever. Your own body. Get more free ideas here

Exercise motivation

It’s ok having the knowledge to get your fitness free and on your doorstep BUT you also need the motivation to do it. With simple additions to your day and by thinking about exercise slightly differently, you will soon have it and keep it. Read this article to get you going.

There is just one piece of exercise equipment I highly recommend you buy and it’s this.

Just doing these 2 workouts will have an impact on you mind and body!

Just imagine what would happen if you had more!! Book a free chat to see how my home and fitness coaching will help you develop a better mindset and toned figure.

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