Hello, I’m Paul Knight

Home fitness and lifestyle coaching specialist

Is this you? Always trying to lose weight and get fit? Doing the same things over and over again but still not seeing the results you deserve. Wish there was an easier way to firm up your wobbly bits and feel less frumpy? You are in the right place.

Time to break free from the shackles of a life of mindless dieting and pointless visits to the gym, or never feeling in control of your own life and everything that goes with it.

With my simple home fitness and lifestyle coaching plans. Designed for real people, living in the real world, and not an advert!

“I haven’t worked out in a gym or been to a class in years. Never been on a ‘diet’ either. I don’t like them and certainly don’t need them to be happy, fit, and in good shape. Now that says a lot coming from a life and fitness coach with over 30 years of coaching experience under my belt! Guess what? You don’t need them either!” – Paul 🙂

Fitness and lifestyle coaching plans just for you

I created an online hub for you

I wrote you a book

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